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Game in develop. This is a Demo version.

As a child, I thought there was something in the computer. It's something that keeps him going, helps him. I grew up, and made this game from a child's memory.

Bytes are elementary transport forces inside a computer. They transfer data from person to computer, simplifying our lives. You were created by the system, which means you are completely and completely subject to Her.

MirrorOS 2.0 is the most advanced operating system, after the first MirrorOS, released 3 months after its release. What is hidden inside this operating system? Why it was made hastily, and most importantly-why everyone dislikes it so much - this is what you should find out!

Ahead you awaits:

  • Amazing minimalist levels filled with traps and interesting solutions
  • Simple, but quite an interesting story
  • Gorgeous music from section31

What are you waiting for? Download a Demo Now!


Byte: The Demo Game 6 MB

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